Iron Man 3 Movie Review



Iron Man 3 proved to be a fun ride, a great popcorn flick with some (mild) points for pondering on terrorism and facing fears.  The epilogue seems a little rushed, but by that time, you’ll be grateful for the soft landing to the roller-coaster adventure.

Catching the tails of The Avengers, Iron man 3 continues with life of Tony Stark (survived a near-death experience in order to defeat the alien who invaded the earth) who is struggling with his place in the steadily expanding superhero community.

Tony Stark spends most of the movie without his suit on which makes the movie a less spice in action but it isn’t bad in itself. The most awesome element of the movie is the performance of Sir Ben kingsley in the role of Mandarin but it is not what you suppose it to be. He brings his full weight and gravitas to the role, his voice taking on a strange essence that’s just hard enough to place to be creepy, and he’s even able to ring some comedic beats from the material when called upon. Ty Simpkins gives one of the best child-actor performances in years as Harley, a kid Stark meets along the way.

The only thing which is bad about this movie is that it kills the hope of public seeing Iron man 4. The movie ends up showing that the whole story of Iron man has ended and there are no signs of having the 4th installment of Iron man series.


  1. Ankur

    Iron man 3D! a fuckin’ awesome friday flick…
    it was great to see Robert downey Jr along with his army of suit..
    Though it was a climax but i revealed it..

  2. salli

    Yeah the movie was great, i loved it too much especially miss potts. I mean seriously, what a hottie!

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